Defensys SGRC supports Shariah Governance Framework for Local Banks Operating in Saudi Arabia

Defensys is proud to announce that current version of the SGRC now supports Shariah Governance Framework for Local Banks Operating in Saudi Arabia.

This framework is ready to be used in compliance procedures by all the organisations operating under the requirements regulated by SAMA along with the SAMA frameworks themselves.

“We rapidly responded on such a demand from mostly banks in the KSA where we currently doing projects with our partners. Now any institution that operates in the Kingdom can do all the audits using out-of-the box frameworks available right after the installation of our SGRC solution which is a part of the whole cyber security ecosystem by Defensys. Also there is an option to add local and internal frameworks, standards and check-lists fetching all the requirements into the one list to save time of our customers when assessing similar requirements from different standards”

The Defensys SGRC solution helps enterprise companies of different scales to control the state of cybersecurity and effectively evolve cybersecurity based not only on compliance procedures but also on automatic risk assessments and the ability of the system to merge all the needed inventory data from different sources to create a master assets source for the whole organisation.

As usual Defensys’s cyber security experts are ready to share all the trendy approaches to maximize the effect of the SGRC implementation.

We remind you that recently SAMA framework war supported in SGRC.