SAMA and GDPR are now ready to use in Defensys SGRC

Defensys announces the out-of-the box support of SAMA framework and GDPR since the current version of the SGRC platform. Now users can perform audits with these standards along with other preinstalled entities and add new requirements to the existing control checks framework.

During the latest projects of the SGRC in the GCC region especially in the KSA we’ve seen the demand in compliance procedures with these frameworks, so we made it available for all our customers. These are not only lists of requirements but also customised assessment scales, fields for each of the requirements and a possibility to add these requirements into the existing control checks framework, when similar requirements from different standards are mapped with a control, that you assess once and this information is used by Defensys SGRC to automatically set the proper assessment for the requirement inside a specific compliance procedure with a specific standard.

And our customers still have the ability to add their own frameworks and check-lists just using Settings menu of the system without any programming. In our opinion this feature will help cybersecurity specialists to save even more time for performing compliance campaigns with all the local and worldwide standards. In the nearest future we plan to expand this list with frameworks from UAE” – says Andrey Chechetkin, Deputy CEO of Defensys.

As with the previous versions besides features described above users can simplify and automate such crucial and base cybersecurity processes as

  • Asset management: merge all the useful data from multiple sources in one place on the side of the Defensys SGRC.
  • Vulnerability management: integrate with scanners and automate the process of generating and control of remediation tickets.
  • Cybersecurity governance: control the team, draw metrics, generate operational and high-level reports, plan the development of the cybersecurity department.

After the implementation customers receive a solution tailored under the needs of cybersecurity departments of a lot of top companies from different sectors.

Defensys SGRC can be implemented on-premise as a separate solution but can be integrated with other products from the Defensys’s ecosystem, e.g.  SOAR, as well.