SGRC systems: Prerequisites for the appearance of technology

Today most organizations fortunately no longer face the question “is it worth implementing information security solutions?” The importance of information protection has become an axiom, and there are many offers in the cyber security market that cover the needs in various fields – SOAR, SIEM, etc.

At the same time, information security solutions implemented in organizations usually line up in the following pyramid:

However, with the disparate implementation of the entire variety of security tools and solutions, companies face the following challenges:

  • Lack of a single tool for centralized collection of information security information from multiple sources.
  • Lack of transparency in the information security management process.
  • Lack of resources in the information security department to coordinate all products.
  • The difficulty of communicating the importance of information security to the business.

Thus over time, organizations realize that the mere availability of a wide range of software does not guarantee a well-functioning information security management process.

It requires collecting and aggregating information about the state of information security, analyzing it properly, being able to apply it correctly, and most importantly, clearly communicating to the business the importance of the entire information security management process.

SGRC class products can become the solution to all these problems, as well as an ideal addition to the pyramid of technologies:

The SGRC abbreviation stands for “Security, Governance, Risk and Compliance”. Solutions of this class are intended not only for the automation of individual information security processes. They are a marker of the maturity of the information security management process in an organization and allow developing it from spontaneous management of single-point problems to a clear, upgradable mechanism that can help in proactive problem-solving.

We will analyze the main aspects covered by the SGRC class products in a series of articles.