Cybersecurity Digest #1: 30/03/2020 – 10/04/2020

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  • Web applications get the brunt of attacks because every website is by definition exposed to the public. Many common mistakes, which are well known and have solutions, still crop up and cause big issues. Justin Boyer tells us five of those mistakes and how to get it right so you’re not the next hacking headline.
  • People make mistakes, they break the rules and they can be hacked, which is why protecting people is much more challenging than protecting machines. Tim Sadler shows us why humans are phishing’s weakest link and why security leaders must consider how to apply the same level of advanced technology and resources to protecting humans as they do to protecting the rest of the enterprise.
  • Expanding attack surfaces and complex cloud security environments have given rise to new advanced threats. Compliance regulations have become more rigorous and punitive. And while digital transformation accelerates the pace of doing business, its impact is often limited by budget restrictions and security talent gaps. Oliver Friedrichs told us CISO cares about in 2020.
  • Strong network security is essential yet creating and maintaining bulletproof network protection remains an elusive goal for many enterprises. Many enterprises fail to take some basic actions that would keep their networks safe from infiltration and attack. John Edwards tells us 5 ways enterprises inadvertently compromise their network security.

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