Defensys releases version 5.0 of its SGRC platform

The Defensys company has released a new version of its platform for automating cyber security management processes – Defensys SGRC 5.0. In this version vendor enhanced compliance, asset and vulnerability management features.

A lot of new regulatory standards strongly affect the system’s development. For instance, SAMA framework that was recently added to the Platform demands new reporting templates and assessment scales. The same thing is with GDPR, UAE IA Regulation framework and some other standards including in-house frameworks from customers that sometimes demand different mathematics to calculate resulting indexes after the audit is completed.

That’s why in Defensys SGRC 5.0 there appeared an “import/export” feature for audit types. The type affects what scale will be used for the assessment, what fields will be available for the filling and how will be statistics calculated. This feature significantly helps to quickly transfer all the needed preferences from the testing segment/installation to the productive server during the specific stage of some implementation project.

Some features appeared in Assets functional block. The vendor enhanced asset data import features. Now users can automatically upload data to the system from the Excel, CSV, JSON, XML files. This extended file extensions support helps to simplify the data transfer process that affects the overall inventory process in good manner. Furthermore, this version has a new feature for registering and managing data about assets of big distributed companies: the System can synchronize assets settings properties between different installations and the main server in HQ.

Important capabilities appeared in Vulnerability management functional block of the Defensys SGRC. Now users can add vulnerabilities manually as well as to set their properties. This way now a company can aggregate the information about all the vulnerabilities in the infrastructure. One more feature here is the ability to set the “Risk acceptance” status for those vulnerabilities that cannot be eliminated, but this fact is acceptable by the people in charge for the VM process.

The Defensys SGRC 5.0 has got the improved dashboard capabilities: users can now track the overdued metrics, create the “TOP lists” of different data. Besides the option to drill into some filtered list from the diagram became much more faster.

«We constantly improve a lot of Defensys SGRC features since the very first version of the System: we develop its algorithms, create additional capabilities for the more agile and affective Cyber security management processes.

Our company timely responds on any changes in standards that are supported by Defensys SGRC, adding new check-lists, frameworks and reports. That’s why this 5.0 version of the Defensys SGRC is the logical result of the work we’ve done for the last several months – said Andrey Chechetkin, Deputy CEO of Defensys.