Cybersecurity Digest #80: 08/08/2023 – 23/08/2023

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  • Agio published its 2023 Hedge Fund Cybersecurity Trends Report, in which the majority of firms reported a spike in cyberattack frequency and severity during the last year. 77% of firms reported cyber attack frequency increased during the last 12 months, and 87% said attacks were more severe.
  • OPSWAT  published the results of its Threat Intelligence Survey. The comprehensive survey included insights from over 300 IT professionals responsible for malware detection, analysis, and response within their organizations. 62% of organizations recognize the need for additional investments in tools and processes to enhance their threat intelligence capabilities. Only 22% have fully matured threat intelligence programs in place, with most indicating that they are only in the early stages or need to make additional investments in tools and processes.
  • According to a report published by Analyst 1’s John DiMaggio, the Lockbit gang is having problems publishing and leaking victim data on its dark web leak site. The gang has run out of server storage, DiMaggio says. It often claims that a victim’s files have been published, but the files can’t be downloaded.
  • Dutch security firm Fox-IT says that of more than 31,000 Citrix NetScaler ACD devices that were exposed online last month, almost 1,900 devices are showing signs they’ve been hacked and backdoored by threat actors using the CVE-2023-3519 vulnerability.
  • The results of the Insights Student Experience Survey showed that university leaders are paying more and more attention to improving both physical and network security. The study showed that approximately 50% of college leaders in the United States plan to increase investments in information security over the next two years.
  • Phone fraud on a country-by-country basis reached new heights in Q2, according to the Q2 2023 Global Call Threat Report published by Hiya. Some scams monitored by Hiya took a “shotgun” approach, blasting thousands of robocalls aimed at unsuspecting Amazon users, while others were narrowly targeted at immigrants or the elderly.

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