Case study by Defensys – Power Generating Company


The Power generating company hadn’t had any automation programs for their cyber security processes. As the number of branches and employees increased, the Company decided to implement modern software to minimize the manual work and save valuable time.

The Defensys ACP attracted the Company’s attention, because of its automation functions and asset management capabilities from the cyber security perspective.


On the way to the software installation our engineers faced a challenge: the Company has a lot of branches, that makes inventory process in the organization very complicated. The Defensys multi-tenancy option could not be used unless there is a clear understanding about the crossing IP addresses in the whole IT and OT infrastructure.

To keep records of assets in all branches and not to mix them all up the Developer has found a solution – the Defensys ACP could work with the same asset IP addresses from different branches and remote plants due to the ability to label the network when performing the inventory scan. Besides, the Defensys software was integrated with a SIEM system and antivirus solution in each branch.

The Power generating company doesn’t need customized processes or dashboards, because pre-installed options meet Company’s demands. However, audit reports had to be presented in a special form including additional information. Defensys’s engineers have created several report forms for assets with a certain criticality level, which contains information about all assets, even if infrastructure of one plant has not only several departments, but also other branches.

Thanks to this, users now are able to conduct inventory of all assets and quickly create understandable reports in short time.


By applying the Defensys ACP the Power generating company found a solution for inventory and storage of hosts and networks with the same names, and got a state-of-the-art tool with a diverse range of functions. Now cyber security analysts have control over information processes of all branches and are able to manage them easily.

Having worked with the software, the Company appreciated its high quality and decided to expand the list of the Defensys products in the organization. The Company’s next step is the implementation of the Defensys SGRC and SOAR for audits, compliance, orchestration, and incident response.