Defensys ACP Platform

Defensys Asset Control Platform (ACP) is an enterprise solution that automates processes of inventory and asset management.

Assets of different types can be automatically interconnected to build the resource-service model of the company that can become a master source of assets for different departments.


  • the whole and comprehensive picture about assets in one place aggregating data from multiple sources

  • automatic discovery of new equipment and systems in the infrastructure with notifications so interested people

  • assets assessment for the needs of risk management and compliance procedures

  • data visualisation via different forms of widgets. Operational and strategic dashboards
  • increased effectiveness of asset management and all the other related processes (e.g. incident response, vulnerability management) due to rich collaboration features
  • collected data available for convenience of other systems via documented API

Key Features

  • asset data aggregation: hosts, systems, business processes, lists of processed data etc.
  • unique asset merging technology: the whole list of different types of assets in one place without any duplicates. No need to recheck with several different systems
  • assets lifecycle management
  • multi tenancy mode
  • ability to add custom asset types with the needed fields without programming
  • simple scalability
  • agentless inventory engine
  • rich integration capabilities
  • dashboard and report builders: any statistics can be delivered in the required form
  • seamless integration with other Defensys products for the assets enrichment purposes